7 Ways the New Tax Bill Could Affect You

  • New Tax Brackets

    There are still 7 tax brackets, however, rates and income levels have changed... click here

  • Deductions and Exemptions

    The standard tax deduction will nearly double

  • 529 Plans

    You can use them to pay for private school fees at elementary and secondary schools.

  • Mortgage Interest

    This deduction has been reduced from $1 million to $750 thousound...

  • State and Local Tax Deductions

    Writing off 100% of State and Local taxes have been limited to $10,000 on property taxes, plus sales and income taxes...

  • Health Insurance Mandates

    The penalty for not having health insurance no longer applies..

  • Individual Tax Benefits will expire in 2027

    Unlike the corporate tax cuts, many tax benefits for individuals will expire in 2027... click here